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Benson Avenue Notification -February 26, 2015

On Thursday, February 26th, from approximately 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, there will be work being done on Benson Avenue, from Water Street to North River Drive. This area will be closed to the public, access will only be granted to Residents going to and from their homes. Please click here for additional information.  

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Preliminary Flood Hazard Maps

FEMA, Flood Insurance Rate Maps, (FIRMs) identify areas that have flood risk in Salem County, Insurance companies use FIRMs to determine flood insurance rates for buildings and their contents, and lenders utilize this information to determine flood insurance requirements.  Pennsville residence and property owners are encouraged to learn more about their flood risk and the […]

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By now you most likely have heard of the EV-D68 virus.  A recent child’s death in Mercer County has been attributed to the virus.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has listed some best practices to avoid the virus.  The biggest piece of advice they give is to make sure you wash your hands […]

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Hydrant Flushing beginning April 20, 2015 Learn more

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