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Pay to Play 2018 Notice

PUBLIC NOTICE Township of Pennsville Pay To Play Notice Notice Soliciting Applications to Render Professional Services as Required by NJSA 19:44A:20.5 Notice is hereby given that sealed applications to render professional services, not subject to bidding pursuant to NJSA 40A:11-5, and having an anticipated value in excess of $17,500.00 will be opened and recorded by […]

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Clarification regarding Zoning Ordinance Public Notice August 2018

Please see the following clarification in response to inquiries regarding the notice of hearing on proposed changes to the Township’s Housing and Zoning Ordinances: The Township is under an obligation to comply with a recent New Jersey Supreme Court decision with regard to low and moderate income housing.  By amending two Township ordinances, which have […]

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East Pittsfield Closures August 28, 2017

Pennsville Township will be making a storm sewer pipe repair on East Pittsfield Street.  This work is scheduled to begin on August 28th at approximately 8:00 am.  The scope of the work is to clean and repair a 48″ storm pipe in preparation for future road overlay that is scheduled for spring 2018.  We anticipate […]

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Election Campaign Sign Letter

CAMPAIGN SIGN LETTER Political Candidate, Campaign Manager and Campaign Workers, Please be advised that recently the Township of Pennsville revised its ordinance regulating temporary political signs. Please see below for the new regulations. Also, be advised that this letter serves as official notice to you of the revised temporary political sign regulations. Land Use Ordinance, […]

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Atlantic City Electric – Home Life-Support Equipment and Outages

Listed below is a message from Atlantic City Electric: GETTING OUTAGE AND WEATHER ALERTS WHEN YOU RELY ON HOME LIFE-SUPPORT EQUIPMENT For customers who rely on electricity to power life-support equipment in their homes, our Emergency Medical Equipment Notification Program provides advance notice of scheduled outage and severe weather alerts. The best way to stay […]

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Clean Communities 2016 Contest Winners

Title:                A Resolution of the Township Committee of the Township of Pennsville Honoring the Top 3 Winners and those Who Received Honorable Mentions in the Penn Beach Elementary School “Keeping Your Community Clean” Calendar Contest WHEREAS, the Township Committee of the Township of Pennsville (hereinafter referred to as Committee) prepares and disseminates a Township Calendar […]

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Street Light Outage Reporting

Atlantic City Electric has launched a new streetlight reporting system. It is a self-service, online map tool that enables customers to report a streetlight outage or problem to Atlantic City Electric through their website.

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Hydrant Flushing to begin October 1, 2018 Learn more