Basic Information

Pennsville is governed by a five person township committee. The committee, in addition to adopting the laws and regulations that affect the community, sit as members of several boards, councils and authorities that are charged with carrying out specific governmental functions.

There are five public school buildings: three elementary, a middle school and a high school. Almost 75 acres of land in the Township are devoted to school related activities.

The Township is served by a public water system and a sanitary sewer system.

Pennsville offers a wide variety of recreation opportunities for citizens of all ages through its Recreation Department. Much of the land owned by the Township is used for recreation purposes, especially the area known as Riverview Beach Park, extensive land along the river is used for boating, playgrounds, picnics and other passive recreational activities.

The Pennsville Public Library has a membership of well over 10,000 and is funded in part by the Township.

Two volunteer Fire Companies serve the Township and they are located in Pennsville and Deepwater along with one emergency rescue squad. These fire companies are funded from Township appropriations.

The Highway Department picks up brush, leaves, snow, and is responsible for all Township streets and property.

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