Authority Mission Statement

 Pennsville Sewerage Authority

Mission Statement

Our mission is to protect public health and the environment for Pennsville Township by providing wastewater treatment services in an effective efficient manner while meeting the compliance requirements of all regulatory agencies.

Scope of Operations

The Pennsville Sewerage Treatment Plant has a permitted flow of 1.875 million gallons per day. The wastewater derives from residential, commercial and industrial sources.

The Authority employees maintain 17 pumping stations and approximately 83 miles of sanitary sewer lines throughout the township. The treatment plant is a continuous flow process that includes an aerated grit chamber, primary clarifiers, rotating biological contactors, trickling filters, final clarifiers, and disinfection. The remaining solids (known as sludge) are hauled off site for states approved lime stabilization and land application for beneficial reuse.

Billing of system users is done internally by the office staff that includes the Authority Clerk, Deputy Clerk and one part time employee.

The plant staff consists of a Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent and 5 operators.

The Pennsville Sewerage Authority does not utilize any tax base dollars to perform their duties. Rather, user fees adequately support operations of the facility.