Political Candidate, Campaign Manager and Campaign Workers,
Please be advised that recently the Township of Pennsville revised its ordinance regulating temporary political signs. Please see below for the new regulations.

Also, be advised that this letter serves as official notice to you of the revised temporary political sign regulations.

Land Use Ordinance, Chapter 5, SECTION 5.4 – SIGNS
H. Temporary political signs, not exceeding 32 square feet in area, may be erected on any privately owned lot or parcel in any zone. No such sign shall have a height greater than five (5) feet above grade at base of sign. No such sign shall be attached to utility poles, street name signs or other traffic or official road signs. No such sign shall be erected on or in any public property or public right-of-way. No more than one (1) such sign for each candidate, slate of candidates, referendum or ballot question shall be erected per road frontage of any one lot or parcel. No such sign shall be erected more than 30 days prior to the nomination, election or referendum which it purports to advertise, and all such signs shall be removed within 10 days after the event. Political signs that are fixed permanently are prohibited. (No Zoning Permit required)

Thank you for your cooperation.

Bernard Sennstrom
Pennsville Township Zoning Officer