Township Committee

Pennsville Township Committee

The Township Committee is comprised of five members – the Mayor and four individuals, each of who serves a term of three years.  At the reorganization meeting in January, the Committee selects one of its own to serve as Mayor.  The Township Committee constitutes the legislative branch of local government, and as part of their responsibilities, they develop and adopt ordinances which become the law of our Municipality.  The Committee exercises the fiscal control of the Township’s finances by adopting an annual budget.

The Township Committee holds two meetings a month on the first and third Thursday.  Our meetings are held at 6:30 p.m.  All meetings are in the municipal building at 90 North Broadway, and the public is encouraged to attend and participate. Click here for a list of 2022 Township Committee meeting dates.

Robert McDade (Mayor)

Phone: 609-420-5731

Committees and Subcommittees


    • Public Safety and Administration Chairman
    • Police Department Sub Committee
    • Tax Office and Assessor Sub Committee
    • Municipal Court Sub Committee
    • Maintenance Chairman
    • Highway Department Sub Committee
    • Utilities Chairman
    • Sewerage Authority Liaison
    • Service Committee Chairman


Marc Chastain (Deputy Mayor)

Phone: 856-376-3798


Committees and Subcommittees


    • Public Safety and Administration Co-Chairman
    • Animal Control Sub Committee
    • Land Use and Planning Co-Chairman
    • Land Use Sub Committee
    • Construction Code Office Sub Committee
    • Street Lighting Sub Committee
    • Service Committee Co-Chairman
    • Library Sub Committee


Peter E. Halter, Sr. 

Phone: (856) 297-2049


Committees and Subcommittees



    • Pennsville Fire Department #1 Sub Committee
    • Deepwater Fire Department #2 Sub Committee
    • Visiting Nurse Sub Committee
    • Senior Citizens Sub Committee
    • School Board Liaison
    • Buildings and Grounds Sub Committee

Scott Hourigan

Phone: 856-689-0950


Committees and Subcommittees



    • Emergency Management Sub Committee
    • Maintenance Co-Chairman
    • Recreation Sub Committee
    • Economic Development Commission Sub Committee

Daniel J. Neu

Phone: 856-759-9105


Committees and Subcommittees



    • Ambulance Department Sub Committee
    • Finance Sub Committee
    • Insurance Sub Committee
    • Land Use and Planning Chairman 
    • Solid Waste Advisory Committee
    • Utilities Co-Chairman
    • Water Department Sub Committee