Crossing Guards

  1. Essential Functions:
  2. Provide safe crossing of school children and other pedestrians;
  3. Keep traffic flowing without long delays during school hours;
  4. Maintain an understanding of basic traffic laws;
  5. Learn, display and maintain all skills, knowledge and abilities for the performance of all duties and responsibilities, as established by the Chief of Police;
  6. Act quickly, calmly and decisively in certain situations involving the safety of others; and
  7. Aid in reporting of any emergencies or vehicle code violations during school hours.
  8. From time to time, female Police Matrons will be called upon to assist officers during arrest, detainment, processing, and transports or at any other time that a female offender is in police custody at the Police Headquarters for an extended period of time.  The matron will stand guard with the female offender as instructed by the arresting officer and or Shift Sergeant / or other Officer in Charge.
  9. If a female offender or other is only going to be at Police Headquarters for a very short period of time, it will not be necessary to call in a Police Matron.  The definition of a short period of time will be any time period less than 20 minutes.
  10. Police Matrons will follow the instructions of the arresting officer, Shift Sergeant or other Officer in Charge.  Police Matrons may be instructed to escort females in custody to the rest room, search female arrestees, or any other duty, not appropriate for a male officers, unless only in an emergency situations.
  11. Strip searches will only be performed in accordance with the Attorney General’s Policy on Strip Searches.
  12. 11.  Any time a female arrestee is being transported to a Correctional Facility, Hospital or other Institution for any reason, a Police Matron will be contacted and requested to respond to Police Headquarters for Matron Duty.  It is suggested that the officer contact the Police Dispatcher to make the call as soon as it is known that a Police Matron will be needed.
  13. During transportation of a female in custody, officers shall turn on the Patrol Vehicle’s Audio-Video-recording equipment to record the entire transport.  Officers shall make note of this in their official police report along with the Police Matron’s name.
  14.  Officers will continue the practice of radioing the patrol car mileage to the dispatcher where it will be recorded on the RMS.
  15. In the event that contact with a Police Matron is unable to be successfully made, the Sergeant and or Officer in Charge will assist the arresting officer.
  16. Due to manpower issues, there may be times when the arresting officer will be alone with the female in custody, either at Police Headquarters, during a transport, or at any another location.  Although discouraged, this may be unavoidable at rare times.  Officers are instructed to use any and all means necessary to document the time in custody and time out of custody.  Officers should also include any unusual events that may occur during the interaction with a female in police custody in their official police report.


  1. Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  2. Ability to stand or walk for long periods of time; 
  3. Ability to interact with children and adults; 
  4. Ability to exercise mature judgment; 
  5. Ability to express oneself clearly and precisely with physical and verbal direction; 
  6. Ability to utilize both arms and hands to present discernible physical traffic signals employing a department issued hand-held stop sign, and wearing an authorized traffic safety vest; 
  7. Ability to remain alert and attentive at a post; 
  8. Ability to act quickly, calmly and decisively in certain situations involving the safety of others; 
  9. Ability to follow written and oral instructions effectively; 
  10. Ability to work independently or as a team;
  11. Ability to learn controls quickly;
  12. Maintains a thorough knowledge of the proper control of safe crossing for school children in regards to apparent vehicular traffic;
  13. Ability to learn, display and maintain all skills, knowledge and abilities for the performance of all duties and responsibilities, as established by the Chief of Police; and
  14. Ability to perform all duties and responsibilities during inclement weather and various lighting conditions.


  1. Supervisor/s:
  2. The direct supervisor of a School Crossing Guard is the Administrative Police Lieutenant.  In his absence, the Patrol Police Lieutenant will oversee the School Crossing Guards. School Crossing Guards shall also follow any lawful and or reasonable order, suggestion or request from any officer of this agency will in the official performance of their duty.


  1. Establishment of Job Title or Position:
  2. The job title of a School Crossing Guard is a civilian position established by the Chief of Police.


  1. Minimum Qualifications:
  2. Standards are set by N.J.S.A. 40A: 9-154:
  3. Is a citizen and resident of this state;
  4. Is sound in body and of good health;
  5. Is of good moral character; and
  6. Has not been convicted of any criminal offense involving moral turpitude.




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