The Pennsville Police Department is currently accepting applications through November 15, 2020 .   Potential applicants are welcome to place an application/resume on file with the Police Department for any future openings. 

T.O. 13A. 1-9 Qualification for Appointment

Applicants shall have an Associate’s Degree in law enforcement or a related area of study from an accredited college or university, or 65 credit hours toward such a degree; and applicant must otherwise be qualified as provided for by New Jersey law. The Township Committee may require that applicants successfully complete a physical and psychological examination; and, in addition, they may establish, by resolution, hiring procedures as they shall, from time to time, deem necessary and appropriate.


The New Jersey Police Training Commission has granted approval to police academies in this state to conduct the Alternate Route Basic Course for Police Officers. This program permits qualified applicants to apply for admission to an approved academy for the purpose of participating in the Basic Course for Police Officers. Below is more information: COSTS The cost to the applicant to participate in this program is approximately $1,500 ($600-tuition, $250-Medical Evaluation, $265- Psychological Evaluation, $250-Uniforms and Equipment, and $135-Ammunition). HOURS / COURSES The Basic class is conducted from 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, for 19-20 weeks. Trainees are required to undergo rigorous physical fitness activity and military discipline, as well as extensive academic courses related to the position of municipal police officer. WHAT HAPPENS TO GRADUATES OF THE ALTERNATE ROUTE PROGRAM? Upon graduation, the academy will notify police departments in the South Jersey area of the availability of these graduates and supply names, addresses, and phone numbers of these individuals. Any other job seeking efforts will be the sole responsibility of the graduate trainee. Graduates are given three years to find a position in law enforcement without having to return to an academy for retraining. Please note that 97% of our graduates receive employment within the three-year time period. HOW DO I MEET THE QUALIFICATIONS? HOW DO I APPLY? We accept applications August and September of each year for classes to be conducted in the following year (i.e., Applications submitted in August and September 2002 will be considered for classes conducted in 2003). However, we do keep a mailing list throughout the year for interested parties. To be placed on the mailing list, please call the academy at (856) 415-2266. Please do not ask to be put on the mailing list unless you have your 60 college credits by December prior to the year you will be hoping to attend the academy. for example, if you would be applying for classes in 2003, you will need your 60 college credits by December 2002.

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