Emergency Management

Pennsville Emergency Management Office

Phone: 856-678-3089 X 159
email:  pvpdoem@pvtwp.com

Coordinator: Stephen J. Krough
Deputies: Robert Chambers and Jeff Hoffman

The Pennsville Office of Emergency Management is located at 90 N. Broadway to the rear of the Pennsville Municipal Building. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm.

The Emergency Management Office is responsible for maintaining and updating the township’s Emergency Operating Plans which deals with natural and manmade disasters. The EOP also establishes guidelines for government and emergency workers as to their roles and responsibilities during an emergency event.

The Emergency Management Office also acts as a liaison between local, county, state and federal government agencies. The local OEM office acts as an incident command center for the township during weather events such as Tropical Storm Irene, Superstorm Sandy or manmade disasters including chemical releases, hazardous spills and nuclear releases.

Our Emergency Management Office participates in annual exercises with local industry and government agencies, from full scale to small table top exercises. These exercises include all emergency services disciplines including local police, fire, and ambulance also other township departments such as public works, water, sewer and township committee representatives.

Pennsville Township’s major concerns deal with flooding as our township is surrounded by water, (basically an Island) and just above sea level. During heavy rainfall events pumping water out of the township’s low lying areas is a priority. Unfortunately situations arise when drainage becomes clogged due to leaves, brush and other debris discarded in the streets and drainage ditches. These careless acts often causes water to back-up quickly and residential flooding occurs. Our Emergency Management Office asks each resident to be responsible and take part to help prevent flooding by keeping leaves, other debris, and plastic bottles out of the street, thus preventing these items from blocking storm drains.

Disaster can strike without warning forcing us to go for days without basic necessities or even to evacuate our homes. Relief workers will be on the scene following a disaster, but may not be able to reach you or your family immediately. You need to be prepared! Knowing the steps to take during a disaster whether flooding, hurricane, other weather events or manmade disasters your family may face. Creating a basic emergency plan and preparing a disaster supply kit or a “grab and go bag/kit” may make the difference in a crisis. For information regarding Disaster; planning, building kits, special needs registration, etc. go to the following websites: www.readysalem.org , www.ready.nj.gov , www.fema.gov , www.nj211.org , www.registerready.nj.gov then click on the links for disaster planning, special needs registration etc.

Pennsville Township as a community has always worked together in our effort for a safer more secure town, lets continue this effort by looking out for our families and neighbors. You can serve by taking part in community emergency services by joining our fire department or the county Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) group. Be ready and have an All Hazards Plan and remember you are not alone in your effort for “TOGETHER WE PREPARE”

Emergency Management Coordinator

Stephen J. Krough


Currently, we are participating with the County Office of Emergency Management to update the municipality’s Hazard Mitigation Plan.  The original plan was adopted several years ago and needs to be updated to maintain eligibility for certain federal grants as well as make sure we are working together to reduce the risk from natural disasters and hazards to the extent possible.  If you are interested in learning more about this project, please visit the project website at http://nj4hmp.com/.  The website includes current information and also will allow you to submit any comments or questions.

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